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The Gift of a Helping Hand Charitable Trust

Our mission is to provide safe  and affordable housing for Veterans, Domestic Violence Survivors and their children and homeless women and their children. We Foster technology, health education, career and financial  educational training computer classes for economically disadvantaged youth’s, girls, women, Veterans, domestic violence survivors and underprivileged individuals in helping them to become self-sufficiency and learn the skills for career advancement.  In addition,  we provide basic needs and care packages to thousands of families, Veterans and individuals all around the world requesting our assistance during these challenging times.  To set up local chapters under the umbrella of the Gift of a helping hand charitable trust all around the global.  To publicize our #LISTENTOOME and #STOPMAKINGEXCUSES coalition all over the world, while bring and spreading the act of kindness all around the world.  To implement technology, career, Food Nutrition and financial empowerment education training for under developed countries and economically disadvantage women, girls , Veterans, domestic violence survivors, youths and individuals to help these individuals to become self-sufficiency.  To help build schools in under developed countries for women and girls to provide them with the educational training to become entrepreneurs.

Take A Leap To Learn Fundraiser

Sponsors Helping Hands Technology, Career & Financial Empowerment Education Training Center. Helping Hands Technology, Career Training and Financial  Empowerment Educational Training program began to emerge as a strategy for promoting the workforce development,  social and $economic well-being of domestic violence survivors, women, girls, Veterans and economically disadvantaged individuals with the opportunities to be able to save and accumulate assets, Job preparedness, training, skills building, college or vocational certification, career counseling, placement, job retention, and entrepreneurship leading to livable wage jobs, Social enterprises, other transitional employment and workforce re-entry programs tied to job training and placement for the unemployed, under-employed, formerly incarcerated, homeless, and disconnected youth putting people on track for growth and meaningful employment   To become entrepreneurs and create new jobs. The program will assist these individuals in setting goals and motivation to achieve goals, which will promote more self-confidence and self-esteem, and a greater future orientation and hope.

We have raised $75,000.00 and need to raise an additional $50,000.00 to purchase a commercial building to continue to implement our education program  for our students.  Mr. Dennis Matthews have donated the technology infrastructure broadband services (TVWS) to our education program  and we your support in helping us to reach our milestone and raise the additional $50,000.00 to purchase the commercial building for our computer lab.  Please show your act of kindness and make  help make a difference.  Make your donations online at www.tgoahhct.org.  Or mail your donations ATTENTION Cathy P Russell, The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust, 11066 Beaconsfield, Detroit Michigan 48224. Business Phone:  (313) 282-9476 E-mail:  tgoahhct@hotmail.com

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