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Rebirth of Detroit Classic! by Russell Basinger

Last year, many of us mourned the closing of Roma Cafe after nearly 130 years of delicious tradition.
Luckily, their former Executive Chef, Guy Pelino, has reopened it under the new name, "Amore Da Roma".
They are located in the same building at 3401 Riopelle, in Detroit's famous Eastern Market Distrct.
I'm not sure how, but they have retained the same character while becoming a little nicer.
Recently, I met at Amore Da Roma for a business lunch. We started with the calamari as an appetizer. It was perfectly breaded, not rubbery and was a nice treat that included cocktail sauce and fresh lemon.
For my main dish, I had the Scaloppine Masala with spaghetti and meat sauce as a side. The veal was tender and was smothered with mushrooms and masala wine sauce. It was addictive while satisfying.
My spaghetti with meat sauce side reinforced my love of good Italian food, cooked right.
I sincerely hope that you are able to experience the rebirth of this Detroit classic for yourself!

~ Russell Basinger



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