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DIA - More than just Art!

Photo courtesy of Russell Bisinger

For many years, one of my favorite midtown lunch spots has been the cafeteria at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Cafe DIA. They are located in the lower level, around the corner from the Kresge Court. They have the most amazing salad bar that I am aware of in the area. It includes different greens, lettuce, various featured meats, grilled and fresh vegetables, cheeses, fruits & all of the quality accompaniments imaginable. The charge is by weight and they offer various discounts for DIA members and students. Their beverage selection is extensive and includes pop, tea, beer, wine & multiple other options. In addition to the salad bar, they also have great chill, soup, grilled and special made food items such as sandwiches or pasta. For desert, I check out some of the priceless art. Regardless of my schedule, I make sure to include a visit to our very own Detroit treasure, the Diego Rivera fresco murals. Between the gourmet food and priceless art, you can't go wrong with this great Midtown lunch option! ​

~Russell Bisinger

Photo courtesy of Russell Bisinger

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