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A World of Thanks to Moms Everywhere on Mothers Day

The second Sunday in May is bright, the promise of  summer is just around the corner. A great day to say “Thank you Mom!” for being so special. I honestly think all women are mom’s in one way or another. Her children can be any age. I have known a few who are 62 but act more like 2. In a lot of countries and here in the U.S. it is the grandmother who rules the roost.  This is true with Jewish and Italian people. She is very special and a fountain of information to everyone. Children are always eager to go see “Grandma”.  Could be the cookies or the cool gifts but I think it is for a lot of other reasons too. I know of an 86 year old lady who was written up in her small town paper for running around town on her skateboard!  Just be sure to make this day extra special for mom and don’t forget the grandmother too.

The historical calendar had a number of interesting events which occurred on May 5.  For instance, May the 5th is the Mexican festival Cinco de Mayo. It is an international holiday in remembrance of the Battle of Puebla in 1802 in which Mexican troops Under General Zaragoza, outnumbered three to one, defeated the invading French force of Napoleon  III. This is a very joyous festival with lots of dancing, food and colorful floats. Check it out.
 May the 5th 1893 is also when Wall Street Crash. It was the worst economic crisis in the U.S. history up to that date.  May 5th 1865, Decoration Day was first observed in the U.S. with the tradition of decorating soldiers’ graves from the Civil War with flowers. The observance date was later moved to May 30th and included American  graves from World I and World War II, and became better known as Memorial Day. In 1971 congress moved Memorial Day to the last Monday in May thus creating a three-day holiday weekend.
These are just a few historical happenings that occurred on May 5th but there are others you might like to check out. 

As we get older how many of us give thought to planning ahead in case something happens to us? I believe this is called estate planning. Few us have mansions or big bank accounts. What most have are treasures – items that we would like to see passed on and not end up in a forgotten corner of a thrift shop. For myself it is a library of cookbooks that contain a wealth of information. I hope everyone takes a moment to do there research and find a reputable estate planning attorney like I did.

                                                    SOCIAL SCENE for MAY
Outside of sport events there are many nice places to take Mom for Mother’s Day in the downtown “D”. Reservations are recommended. Check out the Princess Cruise on the Detroit River for another nice idea.

On Friday, May 12th, 2017 in Midtown Detroit at the International Institute there will be a RSVP Black Tie Event starting at 7:00PM. It is presented by London Enterprises. Special guest Al Allen of TV2 News will be in attendance.. There will be entertainment, a silent auction, and a showcase of interesting and informative classes that can be applied for after the event. Hors D’oeuvres will be served. Please call (248) 701-0885 for reservations. This is a must see event in Detroit.

“HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” to all our wonderful Mom’s AND Grandmother’s everywhere! 

~Michelle Fallena

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