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Get me to the Church on Time!

I can remember flying across the church parking lot just a few minutes before my ceremony. My couture, who was my matron of honor, was late in finishing my wedding gown. The groom was anxiously waiting. That was the start of a long-lasting marriage.  These days, marriages seem to be shorter but things are so much different now.

This issue of DCL is for the months of May and June. Two important holidays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are celebrated. Any woman or man can be a parent. It takes someone very special to be Mom or Dad. They provide the foundation and building blocks for their children’s future. Nowadays, where the education and future of this next generation is concerned, it seems there are more questions than answers. Our mayor is trying a new approach to schools. That’s great: all you have to do first is get the students’ attention. Teaching today is not easy.

I used to think the Detroit Tigers were the “end all to be all” when it came to exciting sports action. The ball park didn’t require an amusement park to be considered special.  This is Comerica Park today. In March of 2018, the old Tiger Stadium finally got a new “lease on life”.

Here’s  the story:  

The old stadium, located at Michigan and Trumbull, has had a long storied baseball history. First known as Bennett Park in the 1900’s, it grew in capacity until the 1930’s when it was renamed Briggs Stadium. Then it became Tiger Stadium. By the year 2000 the Tiger’s moved to Comerica Park and the future of the ballpark was at a standstill; demo started in 2008. For years a volunteer group called the Navin Field Grounds crew maintained the field. Eventually, vintage baseball games were played. Seniors and other visitors would stop by to reminisce  about the “good old days”. On a personal note: my husband and I were ticket takers at the old “will call” gate. You could get a seat in the bleachers, a dog, and a beer for $5.00. 

A lot of ideas came and went for the old park. Finally in 2016, ground broke on the first development at the site. It was to become the new headquarters and ball field for the Detroit Police Athletic League who serve 14,000 youth a year. A development, 8,500 square foot headquarters and banquet hall plus the new baseball field was the result of a fundraising campaign by Detroit PAL. Some elements of the old ballpark have made it to the new one including the green chairs behind home plate and the old flag pole which has been repainted and sits at the far end of centerfield.  The old ballpark has finally come back to life.  Ready to start a new future of happy memories:   GO DETROIT!

Do you love animals?  Here is the perfect website: pawmygosh.com   Never know what you might see.  It could be sad, incredible or just laugh-out-loud funny. Hers is an example:  A video shows a dog walking through an open door of a pet shop. Two minutes later the dog walks out with a bag of dog food in his teeth. He stops to make his “mark” on a tree and keeps going.  No one comes running after him and by now he is out of sight.  Try this website.
MAY -  Memorial  Day  weekend.  Electronic  Music Festival in Hart Plaza.
JUNE -  Motor City Pride Parade and Festival River Days
COMING SOON  -   Bikinis  and suntan lotion !

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