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Happy 4th Anniversary Detroit City Limits !

In 2013 Detroit, once famous for its motor industry, had in recent times become synonymous with urban decay. Many downtown restaurants, businesses and shops were closed.  Yet change was brewing in the Motor City. Detroit City Limits was just beginning and its publication was bringing a brighter outlook for the future of Detroit to people in the “D”. Now, in 2017, the paper continues to grow in publication. It focuses on the positive things that Detroit has to offer its community and surrounding areas every month . Thank you Detroit City Limits for being a great paper. We look forward to a bright future for its editor and staff.

Did you know there is another profession besides golfing where you can make a “hole in one “? It’s called dentistry! Bad April fool joke but better than waking up to find “shaving”  cream in your coffee.! April is a beautiful time of year full of color and new life. From my window on the 20th floor I see beautiful sunrises coming over the Detroit River.   Easter has a deeply religious meaning but it is also a month  filled with renewal and promises of better things to come.  Let’s not forget the Easter fashion parade. Hats and suits for ladies went out with the dinosaurs. This year perhaps it will be designer jeans and new baseball caps.  Don’t forget the “glow in the dark” colorful sneakers.

In the “D” Micro housing is due to open in the fall. Lots of big windows give them the illusion of being larger than what they really are. In the heart of downtown, Woodward has always been the main street. Now that Capital Park is undergoing so much renovation  I think Griswold Ave is becoming a close second. A lot of new stores are opening. There is even one for all of our furry friends, it is called City Bark. Located in the center of Capitol Park  the store carries a full line of everything from healthy food for your pet,  dazzling collars, harnesses and leashes to cozy beds. There is even a large selection of treats and chew toys. Whatever is needed to keep your pet “running on all paws!”

Event Calendar for April.  Family fun at the Music Hall on April 2nd “Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat. Check the web for other performances.  At Joe Louis the Red Wings and the Pistons will be playing.  Tigers will be at Comerica Park  on April 7th, 2017.  This will be a great month for family activities.

TIDBITS:  The “D” still has a lot of old vacant buildings and empty land that could be utilized for a senior center     or a much needed grocery store like Kroger’s with prices that our low income population could afford. The year 2017 is still new so let’s hope someone will get the idea.  For now it’s “Go Detroit “!


Be sure to give a senior a “bunny hug” for Easter!

By Michelle Fallena


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