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Summer should get a Speeding Ticket!

We go through snow, freezing temperatures, wind and rain waiting for summer to arrive and then it’s gone in a  blink!  It’s August, half the year is over. Providing the weather holds, everyone is going to make summer last for as long as possible. We still have Indian summer, the weather is just a little cooler and there are plenty of fun things to do and places to go. Tiger fans can still cheer their team on until late September.

What do you think of the idea of “Micro housing”? The concept is not really all that new. Places like the old Leland Hotel in downtown Detroit have had live-in residents for a long time. Any amenities in the rooms are sparse. Now a land contractor has developed the idea into something that is more compatible with our everyday computerized/on-the-go society. The idea is also geared to people on low income and is attracting nationwide attention. In the downtown “D” near Capitol Park the micro (meaning small) apartment building will open soon.  On the ground level it will be occupied by a hub of vibrant business places. Not just apartments but other styles of residential living in general. Outside the immediate downtown area other micro living structures are being built and will be available for occupancy this year. People may not be aware of this because nothing is given any credence unless it is right under their nose.  New in Detroit this year, is another unique concept. True North, a Quonset Hut community is being built off of Grand River and 16th.  There are seven in all and everyone is occupied. One of the bigger huts will be rented out as a gallery with living quarters upstairs.  Cass Community Social Services has come up with another housing concept called Tiny Homes.  They are located in the Woodrow Wilson/Lodge freeway area.  Six styles are available. They range in size from 250 – 600 Sq. feet. The lots are 30x600 ft. Really small compared to the neighboring homes. Between the two I would say Quonset Huts have much more living space. Check the internet for more information on these housing ideas.  Hotel chains such as the Hilton are offering home 2 suites, another idea in Micro Housing. These are for students, travelers and business people who need more than just a “hotel room”.  I stayed in one in Cranberry PA.  It was almost like a home away from home.  All the amenities including dishes, GE refrigerator and microwave but no stove.  Lots of space but compact. Check them out next time you travel.

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Detroit Tigers VS Pittsburgh Pirates will be here beginning August at Comerica Park.
August 9, 2017 at Chene Park, 7:30PM “Shalamar”
August 19, 2017  Woodward Dream Cruise. 9AM to 9PM. Ferndale to Pontiac.
Check your internet for more events and family things to do.

~Michelle Fallena

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