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Lingering Shadows of Yesterday

It has been a lazy summer. Now as September approaches we can feel the whispered chill of autumn and cooler days to come. In the midst of all the construction in downtown a piece of the past came to light. The old Sanders store. On August 9,2017 Wednesday, history came to life beneath a “brownish façade”. The iconic Sanders sign was revealed on a downtown Detroit building located on Woodward Avenue. The sign, a little faded but still clear, brought back sweet memories of long ago. The historic Sanders sign was installed on the Downtown building in 1948 according to Daily Detroit. Fred Sanders founded the Sanders Candy Co. in 1875. The company had expanded to 57 locations  before closing in 1982. In 2002 Morley Candy Co. purchased the brand and the recipes. In 2016 the vacant building was purchased by Dan Gilbert. Future plans are for turning it into office and retail space by 2018. Today there are seven Sanders stores still in the region and two on Mackinac Island that are still in business. Let’s hope the re-make of the old Sanders store will be something we all can partake in and not just the privileged few.

  • DEQUINDRE CUT  -  Yesterday & Today                                                                               

Built in the 1830’s by the Detroit and Pontiac railroad, a predecessor of Canadian national subsidiary Grand Trunk Western railroad, to link riverfront warehouse district to Eastern Market and out to the suburbs. In 1923 as Detroit grew and road congestion became an issue it was apparent the railroad needed to make changes. By 1982 passenger service was discontinued and freight service was continued for only a few years beyond. In the year 2000 the 3.5 mile section of track, including the Cut, was sold. In 2003 Green Ways Initiative granted the Downtown Detroit Partnership $98,750.00 to put plans in motion to remake the Dequindre Cut into a greenways. Ground breaking began in 2005 on the first 1.2 mile stretch. It was then funded by another $3.4 million grant. Trails opened to the public in 2009. For once we have found a way to utilize a piece of history by making it into something everybody can enjoy. Beautiful greenery, plenty of benches, colorful artistic graffiti and lots of streetlights along the paths. The surrounding neighborhood needs a lot of work to make it safe especially at night. But, maybe with time things will change. 

The Detroit Tigers are still here for all our baseball fans. At the Fox Theatre, Frank Valli will be here in concert Sept. 9 at 7:30 PM. For the younger set, Gorillaz will be at the theatre Sept. 18 at 7:00PM. At our new stadium in the Little Caesars Arena on Sept. 12 7:30 PM will be Kid Rock. For other social venues check your internet.

Enjoy the beginning of our autumn season.                                            
~Michelle Fallena

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