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Trick or Treat 2017 - Kids of all Ages Celebrate Halloween



It’s no “trick” the “D” has been growing by leaps and bounds, but the “treat” would be if the senior population was growing with it.  I live near the new Micro Apartments on Griswold. They look great from the outside, but living in one room 24/7 is not for everyone unless you happen to be a short-term tenant or a traveling salesman.  There is a lot going on, and I heard they were going to start work on the old Hudson’s site in December this year — something huge with a very tall skyscraper built in the middle. I wonder if there will be room for a grocery store. With all this hustle and bustle, the seniors continue to be at a stand still.  Jobs for them are zero to none. There are some, like myself, who are still able and very much want to go back to work. The problem is they are now considered as “non-productive”.  It would be great if they looked at their experience rather than their age.

On Saturday morning, September 9, 2017 the people in Florida were hit with a catastrophic category 5 hurricane named Irma. It continued until September 11, 2017. The same storm had previously hit the Caribbean Islands. There was national news coverage at that time. Since then there has not been many other reports of what is going on. I clicked on Facebook and found a website called Science Insider. Their video was on “Where Do Hurricanes Come From”.   I was amazed at the information and decided to check the website on Google. There is so much more to hurricanes than high winds and torrential rain. Most hurricanes that hit the United States come from the exact same spot in the world and they all seem to follow a similar course. In fact, Irma, Harvey, and Jose were born on the other side of the Atlantic;  Cape Verde a  point off the west coast of Africa. The Sahara desert is also to blame.  According to the Science Insider video there are two clashing climates with high altitude winds that come together – dry hot air from the Sahara Desert and moist cool air from the south. This is known as the African Easterly Jet. In the United States weather moves from West to East. The African Easterly Jet moves from East to West. Over the year the Jet builds strength. The strongest storms usually occur in September. A category 5 is the most catastrophic. Irma had winds over 185mph. One of the worst storms in history, some scientists considered it a category 6. If you want to read more on hurricanes such as how they are named and other information check out the Science Insider website.

The flooding we had in the state of Texas was the forerunner of Irma. Since Irma we have had two earthquakes in Mexico.  The devastation to all of these people   and where they live is beyond comprehension. All of us here in Detroit and the state of Michigan really need to count our blessings. Next month is Thanksgiving. Lets remember all of these people and pray that next year they may be celebrating too.                                                  

~Michelle Fallena

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